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Flex_Tec Pte Ltd is one of the Singapore’s premier passive fire
protection service providers offering our clients a wealth of knowledge
and experience on an extensive range of passive fire protection

We aspire to be the leading passive fire protection service provider in
Singapore, delivering outstanding quality standard on a wide range of
fire protection services such as vermiculite spray, intumescent paint as well as including technical advice, site inspections, installations, fire safety upgrades and product solutions. Furthermore, our team is always seeking to explore new technological systems and experiment with variety of products to achieve better productivity and quality measures.

Flex_Tec Pte Ltd is a local based, bizsafe star certified, ISO 45001:
certified, offering fire protection services throughout Singapore. To
achieve maximum customer satisfaction, Flex_Tec Pte Ltd only use the
highest quality, performance certified products from the UK’s top
suppliers of fire protection solutions. We pride ourselves on the quality
of our performance and delivery and have built our reputation through
the development of long-term relationships with our clients.


To experience the difference in us, Please contact us for a free
consultation and quotation.

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